It’s 2018 – What are You Waiting for?

San Diego VoIP Phone Systems

San Diego VoIP Phone SystemsIt’s 2018 and time to recharge your business. Make a smart decision and consider what you pay monthly in phone expenses. Affordable Tel knows how to comb that bill and help you save. Learn more…


San Diego VoIP Phone Systems

San Diego VoIP Phone Systems

VoIp in San DiegoIf you run a company in the greater San Diego area, it’s a smart choice to have a quality business phone system for your company. You want your customers and prospects to be able to get in touch with you and your employees, easily and professionally, to inquire about and order products and services. See more…

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

The entire staff at Affordable Telephone Systems would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. We extend all the best to you and your families for the coming New Year and hope that it is filled with happiness and love. Thank you to all our loyal customers and we look forward to meeting many new people in 2018.

Safe travels and Happy New Year!!!

Happy Holidays

Lower Phone Costs with a SIP Phone


SIP phoneWhile your phone bill may not be the highest overall operating expense in your business, it is a monthly charge that, when reduced, can provide significant savings over time. Phone bills are often overlooked and simply considered a necessary cost of doing business. And worse, if you are skimping on your phone system to save money, you may be hampering growth and stifling productivity. If you could lower your cost of ownership and move to a system with increased functionality, would you make the move? I’ll bet your aggressive competition is one step ahead of you.

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VoIP Phone Systems – Affordable Business Solutions

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In business, it’s important to keep your costs as low as possible and profits high. Fortunately, VoIP business telephone systems are designed to help you achieve both of these goals. Continue reading to learn more about how VoIP business telephone systems in Ventura are the most affordable solution for your business.

Long Distance Calls

If your business is like most businesses, you have to make regular long distance calls to suppliers and customers. If you are still using traditional phone lines, your long distance calls can quickly add up and become an expensive aspect to doing business. On the other hand, VoIP business telephone systems utilize the Internet for long distance or international communication, which costs a fraction of traditional long distance calls.

Reduce the Cost of Travel

If you regularly have to make visits to customer or supplier sites, the cost of traveling can be one of the most significant expenses of doing business. However, VoIP business telephone systems in Ventura offer video conferencing as the premier solution. Instead of having to travel to the site for an in-person visit, you can utilize video conferencing and accomplish the same goal without ever leaving the office. This same feature can be used to increase productivity by simplifying collaboration.

Increase Productivity

The old phone systems worked by assigning a phone number through a dedicated line. You had to be stationary in the office if you wanted to use the same number. However, VoIP phone systems offer number portability, which means the phone can use the same number from anywhere as long as it has the right connectivity. As a result, VoIP business telephone systems in Ventura are designed to move with you on the go and increase productivity.affordable business solutions

For the best business telephone system in the Ventura area, call Affordable Telephone Systems. They will help you assess your needs and get you the right phone system at the right price.

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Small Business Security Systems – Can you afford not to have one?

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It’s your small business and you’ve worked hard for it. Don’t you think you should protect your livelihood and investment with a security system? In any case, every small business benefits from installing a security system. The following information explains a few of those benefits and why a security system for your small business is simply a necessity.

Keep Bad Guys Outsecurity systems

Small business security systems are designed to prevent unauthorized entry into your business. Burglars and nefarious individuals are always looking for ways to get their hands on your goods. However, small business security systems are designed to act as a deterrent to thieves and can be used as evidence in court.

While the Cat’s Away…

Do you really know if your employees are stealing? Are they being honest with their reported time? While the cat’s away, the mice will play; but small business security systems provide you with an eye on your business and employees at all times. A camera system can bolster customer service and increase productivity even when you are not physically there.

Deter Shoplifting

A small business security system can also deter shoplifting. By placing a spot monitor close to the door and a sign letting your customers know they are under surveillance, you will greatly reduce shoplifting in your business. The savings your business realizes from reduced theft can be used to reinvest in other areas of the business.

Get Insurance Savings

Several insurance companies offer reduced premiums for businesses with small business security systems. In most cases, these savings will eventually pay for the cost of the small business security system within a few years.

Since your business is your livelihood, it’s important to protect your assets with small business security systems. In addition, it will offer you a greater peace of mind.

For more information on small business security systems, call Affordable today.

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Key Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Your Business

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If you are a small business owner and still using a traditional phone system, it’s time to realize the amazing benefits of VoIP telephone systems. Continue reading to learn more about the key benefits of VoIP telephone systems for small businesses.

voip phone systemsSlash Costs
When you convert to VoIP telephone system, you will immediately slash your operating costs. Traditional phone carriers offer analog lines at a high, fixed, monthly cost. In contrast, VoIP works through your Internet connection and doesn’t need dedicated lines, which renders a much lower monthly cost.

With business VoIP telephone systems, all you need is an Internet connection and VoIP telephones (optional). Best of all, if you hire new employees, you can quickly go to the control panel to configure the new user’s phone. Long gone are the days of needing a new phone system because you have reached your limits.

Work from Home
With VoIP telephone systems for small business in Austin, you can take your phone system with you on-the-go. When you work from home, simply take your desk phone and plug it in or use the softphone application and it will ring with the other phones in your office. Your staff can even transfer calls directly to you.

Go Mobile
You can even install a softphone client on your smartphone, which will allow you to answer calls from your main office number from anywhere. As a result, you never have to miss a beat.

More Features
VoIP telephone systems for small businesses offer all of the standard features of traditional phone systems and many more new and exciting features, such as:

  • Video Chat
  • Unlimited Usages
  • Call Announce
  • Call Blocking 
  • Multiple Endpoints
  • Many More

For more information about VoIP telephone systems for small businesses in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Malibu areas, call Affordable Telephone Systems. We have the right phone system at the right price with excellent service and support.

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How Does Bandwidth Affect Your Voice Over IP Experience?

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IP phone systems for small businesses have changed the way everyone communicates. These systems reduce costs, increase productivity, and offer several new and innovative features, such as video chat. Instead of having to run additional phone lines, IP phone systems for small businesses only require a high speed Internet connection. With all of the amazing benefits of IP phone systems, it’s important you understand how bandwidth can affect your experience.  

What Is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth reflects the amount of data transferred over an Internet connection each second. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second, and the majority of connections have a scale of megabits per second. Before you choose one Internet provider over the other, it’s important to make sure you understand its specified maximum bandwidth. If the quality of your phone calls over your IP phone system in Ventura is suffering, it could be the bandwidth or other factors that combine to limit the bandwidth for your phone.bandwith

Downstream and Upstream Bandwidth

Anytime your computer, phone, or other system accesses the Internet, information flows to and from the device. When data flows from the device, it’s called upstream. When data flows to the device, it’s called downstream. In most cases, more data is flowing to the device, which is why the majority of Internet providers prioritize downstream bandwidth. However, several VoIP calls, video chats, large data transfers, and remote access require much more upstream bandwidth. If your IP phone is suffering from low quality, you may want to increase your upstream bandwidth.

For more information about IP phone systems for small business in the Ventura area, contact Affordable Telephone Systems. We can provide just the right phone system at the right price with excellent support.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Structured Cabling

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Most businesses have several departments that all have different responsibilities. These departments must have excellent intercommunication to keep business running smoothly. However, not every department has the same technological needs and departments commonly move to best accommodate the changing needs of the business. Instead of having to constantly rewire the building, structured data cabling is the premier solution. Structured data cabling is a set of connectivity and cabling products that effectively integrates the voice, video, data, and other management systems of your building, such as security access, energy systems and safety alarms. Continue reading to learn a few of the top benefits of structured data cabling.

Superior Flexibility

Instead of having several different wiring systems, structured data cabling offers a single unified infrastructure that carries data in any format. Whether you want to connect your phone for VoIP, PC, or fax machine, simply plug in the appropriate adapter, and you are ready to go.

Built for the Futurestructured cabling

With amazing ability to accommodate a high bandwidth, structured data cabling means you will be able to support future emerging applications. You can rest assured that your infrastructure will not be outdated in a few years.

Simple and Inexpensive Moving Ability

When you invest in structured data cabling in Austin, moving is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Whether you are moving an entire department, changing floors, or simply changing desks; structured cabling allows you to quickly get plugged in and back to work. As a result of this ease of moving, you will save money and time.

Easier Management

It makes much more sense to invest in a single structured data cabling in Austin. In addition to costing less than multiple phone and cable networks, this system is easier to manage.

For more information on structured data cabling in the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Malibu areas, call Affordable Telephone Systems today!

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